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Framing Tips

The Basics


My lasercut editions come unframed, so that you may choose the style of frame and glazing that you prefer.


All of my editions fit a frame for the outside dimensions of the piece. There are 4x5, 4x6, 5x7, and 6x6 sizes (in inches.) 4x6 and 5x7 frames are extremely common, and can be found anywhere. 4x5 and 6x6 are still common enough to find them in many frame shops, or anywhere online.


Since they are just paper, a window mat is not required (though you can use one if you like!) You can simply open the frame, pop in the art, and secure the back.


Some of the full editions are thick enough that you need to check for a deep rabbet on the frame. If you are searching online, it helps to look for a "canvas style" frame, as they are made to fit a wrapped canvas, and will accommodate any of my pieces. All of my suggestions below are deep enough to fit each edition.


In Depth


If you aren't particular about frame style, I am sharing links here for frames that I often use. They are all black stained wood, and will fit any edition of mine.


There are two main choices for frames: premade, and custom made. Premade is more affordable, so if you aren't concerned with the type of glazing, that is a good option. Custom made means you can pick out the style of frame you want, and also the sort of glazing (glass, plexiglass, UV, museum grade, etc.) For the longevity of the art (in specific color vibrancy) I always use museum glazing for my originals. So UV protection glazing is recommended, as is the obvious with any artwork of keeping it out of direct sunlight and humidity.




My Strata Slim Editions (and many of my Full Editions at 1/4" thick or less) will fit any premade frame. You can find them at any department store, or online at places like Target, Walmart, Michael's, Amazon, etc. Simply search for a frame that matches the outside dimensions of your art. This is how to find the best deals.


An affordable premade option that is deep enough to fit any edition, is this gallery style frame from Blick Art Materials. There are a few colors, and they have sizes 6x6, 5x7, and 4x6.


If you are searching for a Holiday Mini frame, those are 3x3. Michael's has some good options for those, like this one. You would just remove the matting before putting in the art.


Custom made


I have two online stores that I order custom frames from. On their sites you can choose from a wide variety of frame styles, colors, and glazing. The links I'm sharing are for my most used frames, which will fit even the deepest edition. The frames from American Frame are a bit higher quality, plus they carry museum acrylic.


This frame is black stained maple wood. For image size you could select 5x7 or 6x6; leave it with no mat; select your glazing (UV protection is the second section); and choose standard or acid-free backing at the bottom. The price changes in real time as you make your selections, so you can decide what you prefer as you go.


This frame is black stained ash wood. Start by selecting 'Customize this frame'; select 'No, I will design my frame without a preview'; choose the size; select 'No mat'; select your glazing; leave the default frame option so it ships joined; and choose your backing board. The price changes in real time as you make your selections, so you can decide what you prefer as you go.

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